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Archive for May 2007

A post about eyes with movies

These are some eyes in film or tv that I have seen and have immediately rewound to garner a better look. I hope you enjoy them too.

A post about eyes with movies

Heroes – Season 1 episode 2. Eden’s lids flutter when she blinks during this sequence. I don’t know if it was intentional on the actress or director’s part, but these four shots are the only time this character does this.

A post about eyes with movies

Koyaanisqatsi. This old guy is oozing with interesting stories to tell without ever doing anything. It’s a pretty long clip with not a lot going on in the middle, but I can’t get enough of his half blinks at the end.

A post about eyes with movies

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Elsa is watching Indy discover his way through the sewers under Venice. She just manages to say a lot in this shot with nothing but eye shifts and a little tilt of the head.

A post about eyes with movies

Lost – Season 2 Episode 11. Season 2 of Lost wasn’t so good, but this sequence is. In it, Jack has just agreed to try and save a dying man. His father makes it quite clear that this is a poor decision.

So, maybe you could think about this the next time you animate a shot. Then again, maybe not. I’ll try to though.

Edit: This post seemed to be crashing computers so I’ve changed the Quicktime poster frame stuff to just be images linking to a movie file.

Birthdayfantasticsuprisalotfest day 3

The final day of the trip up to Portland was a bit mellower than the rest. I’m not sure if we were still recovering from our nightmares featuring dusty boots or if it was staying up late the night before but we were all moving a bit slower. We rolled over to Starbucks to grab a quick breakfast before the Burkes had to head back to Seattle. Andrew had his comic book reservation to pick up, so they went on home earlier than the rest, even though Brian tried to chase them down.

pj26thBday3_002Brian misses Burke already

After the 45 minute goodbye and some Meerkat Manor at the Gorski’s, we went over to the park up their hill where we had our second match of Calvinball. I mean, baseball and bocce ball. Since Joe had actually played baseball before, there was at least an air of credibility in that day’s game. Joe even managed to catch a fly ball after tripping over a hill. We were in awe.


After a few more hamburgers it was time to head back to San Francisco. I’ve overused amazing so I’ll have to say that it was truly a great weekend. Thanks so much to Joe and Michelle for letting us crash at their new house which is superb and beautiful. Thanks to the Burkes and Karen for coming on down and to Alex for coming on up. Thanks to Brian and the Puhalas for picking us up and making the weekend so much fun. And thanks to Carolyn for getting this whole madness planned and for keeping it secret for so long. You win at the “best birthday giver, ever” award.

It was an amazing weekend

Birthdayfantasticsuprisalotfest day 2

Super Joe cookinBurke explaining to me that the baseball diamond is better when it is asymmetrical

Saturday involved a great BBQ where Joe “Plaid-dude” Gorski showed off his hamburger cooking skills. Whilst the burgers were cooking, the rest of us tried to figure out how to play baseball. We managed to hit the ball around but I don’t think we ever figured out the rules. Carolyn made some people think she was pregnant when she ate an epic potato-salad-bbq-chip-mustard-burger. After the amazing eats and a walk through the park, bocce ball became the sport of choice. Again, we weren’t exactly sure how the sport worked but everyone seemed to have a good time.

Karen and Brian struggle to read the Italian directionspj26thBday2_028

Later that night we all were Shanghaid and learned about the ghostly underworld of Portland. Not too long ago, disorderly folk like Patrik were hauled into an underground network of tunnels and sold off to captains of boats headed to Shanghai. Apparently a lot of these people became ghosts and now haunt the very passages that we got a nice little tour in. Our tour guide talked a lot but it was decently informative. Despite the demonic threats, Carolyn’s camera battery continues to live. However, there are no photos of us in the tunnels… Eerie…

Martini master MichelleThese are some seriously good martinis

Michelle is a fine hostess. Not only is she that, but she is a fine bocce ball player. Not only is she that, but she is a fine 90mph hairpin turner. Not only that, but she makes the best Michelletini that any of us have ever had. Joe is a lucky man.

pj26thBday2_057Burke has an enormous clock. Well, now the Gorskis do...

Birthdayfantasticsuprisalotfest day 1

Two weekends ago Carolyn threw me a surprise birthday party… In Portland. As someone who works in San Francisco, I was a bit shocked when she removed my blindfold Thursday evening and we were at San Francisco International Airport. She’d been hinting at a surprise throughout the week but I wasn’t prepared for anything of that caliber. On account of her being so awesome she had arranged for a day off of work and for our friends from Portland, Seattle and San Francisco to get together for a weekend of DNA reunion-ness.

The first day was spent re-proving my driving skills at the Second Near Annual Go-Kart Racing Phenomenon Super Match 2000©. My main competitor was Patrik “Danger” Puhala who made a sincere and valiant effort to take my crown. Patrik and I raced super hard but unfortunately there was no official printout at the end of the race so we’ll never know who was the real winner. Regardless, after the go-kart racing, I took him five games in a row of Cruis’n World and I got my name on the high score list twice.

The main competitors of the dayPatrik and I take the race to the digital streets

More surprises were in store that night when after a hearty German dinner and a nice tour of Laika, my old co-worker Theresa showed up at the Gorski’s to celebrate my belated birthday.

More surprises as I show up and see Theresa at the GorskisTheresa and I imitating the old days

Nike + iPod = Awesome

Nike + iPod = Awesome

I’ve had my Nike + iPod for a couple of months now and the entire time I’ve wanted to set aside time to write a huge post about why I love it so much and how amazing it is. I’ve come to realize though that that’s never going to happen and more than likely it would bore everyone. So all I’m going to post is the above image and this brief summary…

Nike + iPod = Awesome. If you run or want to start running or want help losing weight or if you like to go on walks and like music or don’t like music, get this. It’s amazing. 1000% awesome. It’s so awesome that it will make you want to do the Burke pose.

Inspiration for your soggy days

Burst of Beaden

A long time ago someone sent word of a short called An Eye for Annai which I really liked. It was charming, simple and had a wonderful style. The other week I was watching it again and I happened to peruse the rest of the Jon Klassen’s site. Given that I’m mucking through some downtime at the moment, it made me all sorts of happy and wanting to create. It was very much similar to when Patrik posted the biteycastle stuff.

If you’re in the mood for cheering up, inspiration or just a study in fun, check out his stuff. Go here. Or here. Or here.

The polls are closed

The polls are closed

Going into the whole Guitar Hero rock-a-thon, I mentioned how I was a bit nervous, nervous because Burke stood a good chance of winning. When the comments started pouring in though, I went from nervous to concerned. A lot of my friends were very much admirers of Burke’s crotch. Then Robocop voted against me. I was in shock at that point. I mean Robocop, we’ve been friends since before he was big. I was just in awe.

When my friend Alex returned from his trip to Paris I mentioned how I couldn’t believe that both he and Robocop voted against me. Alex was equally as shocked as me because he had never voted. After some digging into the fraud I found that Burke was actually the one voting as Alex and Robocop! Deceit! I guess this is what happens when you allow Canadians to vote in a purely democratic American contest.

So, not only did I win in the polls, but I have trounced him in score and for this I submit my undeniable evidence.

The polls are closed

Thanks to all who voted, especially Sheldon who contributed so colorfully.

Don’t be like me

Don't be like me

A few weeks back Carolyn’s convertible roof got slashed as someone was apparently trying to see what the inside of her car looked like. Possibly unbeknownst to that person is that not only are windows see-through but convertible tops are expensive. So, I was pretty upset with that person for doing that as it made my girlfriend and me rather sad. Fortunatley just the roof was damaged and none of the contents of the car had been stolen. On the other hand, I told my friends, it was pretty annoying that nothing had been taken as now the roof had to be replaced for a pretty silly reason.

If something like that ever happens to you, don’t be like me. Don’t think, “this is silly, why didn’t they steal something to justify the new hole in the roof?” You would be silly to think like that. As just the other night after a fun night out with our friends, Carolyn’s window was smashed in and they stole both her GPS and her iPod. I can attest, there is a much worse feeling when not only is there cosmetic damage to the car, but also contents which you use on a near daily basis missing from within it.

I’m not particularly clever in thinking this, but it’s certainly something I’ve forgotten lately and feel like sharing: Things can always get worse. Always. Like, the car could have been stolen, we could have been mugged, we could have our apartment on fire, monkeys could be unscrewing nuts and bolts on the Bay Bridge to gather parts for their 400 foot banana bomb equipped robo-gorilla to begin their human genocide starting from the west coast. It can always get worse.

And to you who stole Carolyn’s GPS and iPod and broke her window. You are a dick.