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It works

I made my website work again because my mom was sad that it was broken.

Official pj Magazine

Official Xbox Magazine

In case you have forgotten what I look like, you’ll be happy to know that the September* issue of Official Xbox Magazine** has an article about the wonderful team that’s working on Bioshock 2. There’s even two photos that I managed to sneak into***. So, be sure to go to your local newsstand**** and pick up the magazine***** that looks like the image to the left.******

* Yes, it’s the September issue. I don’t get how magazines distort the space-time continuum so frequently. I picked up the magazine a week ago and I’m pretty sure it was still July.
** Oh man, it would have totally fulfilled a childhood dream if there was a picture of me in Nintendo Power, but alas, Official Xbox Magazine will have to do.
*** One of the photos is like a Where’s Waldo. Don’t be sad if you can’t find me.
**** Who still goes to a newsstand?! Why isn’t spellcheck flagging ‘newsstand’ as not a real word?!?
***** The magazine is $10, I won’t cry if you don’t actually pick it up. If you do pick it up though, you’ll get a neat disc filled with Xbox demos.
****** I just wanted to make this post longer.

Summerthing and the Sign of Mystery

Alex, Bert and I went to Summerthing in Golden Gate Park on Sunday. The weather was dismal but people still filled up the park and Bert’s sunny shirt and total lack of coat made it a fun time. We showed up when The Last Goodnight was playing their last song called Pictures of You. This is a picture of them playing Pictures of You.

Summerthing and the Sign of Mystery

The Sign Guy makes an appearance at any event in San Francisco with his ever-changing Sign of Mystery. When Burke visited we were lucky to see him at the baseball park. I feel really lucky because today I got so close to him that I could see his Nostril Hair of Mystery.

Summerthing and the Sign of Mystery

Alex and Bert also got to stand mere inches away from Sign Guy. However, he appeared to be taking a break from trying to confuse the masses. I guess it’s pretty hard work carrying that sign around.

Summerthing and the Sign of Mystery

After the Sign Guy sighting we saw our good friend Michelle Gorski play a really good live show under her musical pseudonym Ingrid Michaelson. Michelle is pretty much like a super heroine of music. She’s all mild mannered animating girl during the week and then she hops around the US slaying evil with her wonderful voice.

Summerthing and the Sign of Mystery

On our way home we saw a very important public service announcement about sharks and soup at the bus stop.

Summerthing and the Sign of Mystery

Edit: I’ve been told that perhaps the photo that I have up of Michelle playing as Ingrid isn’t the most flattering. Here are some better ones.

The mystery that probably wasn’t worth the build-up

The mystery that probably wasn't worth the wait

I have to end the suspense, I’ve received two many emails and instant messages about this. As you can no doubt tell since you’re well versed in video games and all that, the picture above is that of a Big Daddy from last year’s critastically well reviewed Bioshock. I have accepted a job at 2K Marin to work on the sequel.

I was going to hold out and post this later but Andrew “I only post Valve-related humor on my website anymore” Burke is coming to town this weekend and I would probably have forgotten about this. Then Amila would be mad and that’d be no good.

It’s pretty neat, I wanted to work on a film and I got to do that at DNA. I wanted to work at a LucasFilm company since 1999 and I was able to do that. One of my favorite art styles is Art Deco so I’ll get to work on a project in which that’s featured. I think after this I will simply have to retire as there’s nothing left in the world that could possibly inspire me.

Oh, and my car is dark gray. Also, I counted the buttons today, there are over four hundred and ninety six thousand on the dashboard alone.


i has a mount

My real-life character finally caught up with my World of Warcraft characters and I bought a mount today.

Ever since 2003 I’ve been talking about buying a car. When I moved to Texas, DNA put me up with a car. Then I moved back to the Bay Area and I could either borrow a car or I would just take a bus. Then I bought a bike and I rode that around. But with the job change, my commute changes and requires a car.

So as I’ve grown a bit, my taste in cars has too. It’s gone everywhere from a Mini Cooper to a VW Golf to a Subaru Outback to an Audi A3 to finally a Toyota Prius. The Prius is the lamest looking of the bunch, but it has a lot of buttons on the inside that do things like talk to me and make topographic maps float above my head. It even has a rear view camera so I can see evil ninja tacos approaching from behind. The geek in me, which is a large part of me, is rather satisfied.

And it gets eighty-fiveity billion miles per gallon so I bet I’ll pick up some hot hippie chicks in it. Yay…

P.J. Leffelman and the Last Day of Work

PJ Leffelman and the Last Day of Work

Today is my last day at LucasArts. Some of you know where I’m headed but for now I’m going to keep it all hushed up. Don’t worry though, I’ll post about it in just over a week. Think of it this way, if you still visit my website then you’ll have something to look forward to!

So onward I go. Into the sunset. On a horse…

Extreme Ninjas

San Francisco held the third annual Icer Air event over the weekend. Two years ago they put a bunch of snow on one of the steep streets in the city and people wearing poofy pants launched themselves off of ramps. Everyone was happy and this made for some really interesting and beautiful photos. However the residents on Fillmore street became upset because none of them owned ice scrapers and they were all late to work the next day. They now hold the event in the Pac Bell baseball park and only the second baseman and center fielder get upset.

Extreme Ninjas
Extreme Ninjas

Some of the skiers went down backwards. That impressed me. All of them did moves I don’t the names of. That didn’t really impress me.

Extreme Ninjas
Extreme Ninjas

They had an amateur bike contest across McCovey Cove. It was great to see people out there having fun and an audience to cheer them on. However, the amateur contest vibe reminded me of so many terrible story lines from the Tony Hawk video game series.

Extreme Ninjas
Extreme Ninjas

This band rocked out for a bit and this skateboarder also rocked out for a bit. I don’t know the name of the band, the skateboarder or the trick he’s doing.

Extreme Ninjas
Extreme Ninjas

You may have realized that at this point I’ve successfully ignored the fact that I haven’t posted in over two months. Good job, me.



I just saw Stardust, a film I knew nothing about 3 hours ago. I say, go see this film! Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and a whole bunch of other people did a really great job to bring you cinematic candy and it would do them no justice if you didn’t see this film right now. It was everything I wanted Pan’s Labyrinth to be, a great little fairy tale adventure that reminds adults about the way they used to look at the world.

Go see Stardust now!

Disneyland is fun

Brian and I excited to be waiting in a lineScott was so excited he started eating stuff

Carolyn and I met up with Alex, Brian, Burke, Scott and YoungJae down in Disneyland to ride on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage two days before it opened. Alex, along with Scott and YoungJae worked on the ride so it was neat to get to ride it with them. As one would assume with a trip to Disneyland, everyone was thoroughly excited. Scott was so excited he started to eat himself.

Old and the newYoungJae was having the time of his life

The first time we rode the ride, it still had some of the old ride in it as it broke down. John Lassetter and Andrew Stanton were also on the ride with us. When this tragedy befell the ride, John made everyone smile by pointing to his Hawaiian shirt. Andrew looked out the sub’s porthole and exclaimed, “Mine!” YoungJae was the happiest we had ever seen him.

Alex and Burke are scared of the Hollywood Tower Hotel lobbyEveryone loves Mr. Toad

YoungJae was so happy that we had to bring him down a little, so we went over to California Adventure to ride the Tower of Terror ride. I kept on telling Alex and Burke that the hotel was just a set piece and that no one had ever died here. They wouldn’t listen. In order to make them happy we went on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Ol One-Eye Burke cant compete with One-Eye FleisigdisneylandSubs_050

The night was almost over but we managed to squeeze in some more fun. In fact, Burke tried to squeeze his whole head shut when we were on Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. After that Burke tried to impress everyone with his Canadian Mounty marching skills. It backfired though and scared Carolyn.

Me pulling a BurkeCarolyn became an alien on Sunday

On Sunday, Alex, Brian and Burke flew home and Scott slept. So Carolyn and I went back to Disneyland for some more fun. We were eating cajun food for lunch and I showed her the pictures from the day before. I showed her this one where I look like Burke’s twin brother, P.J., and she got scared and her head exploded. She got better but my feet still hurt.

If you want more photos to form your own stories, click this link.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Here are some pictures of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. More pictures will be coming soon.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage